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Are we back on …?

Ive been out for quite a while. It’s mainly been a matter of inconvenience what with Word press being wishy washy with how they want to handle things on anything Windows. Anyone really, since for some reason they all wanna act like Microsoft is ruining their lives with how they run their business, which is helping people get things done… which apparently no one wants to do I guess. Everyone wants to get with the new hotness, but they want to leave Microsoft behind by only making things as if it were still the old days like they haven’t changed, BUT THEY HAVE! Apple changed the rules so Microsoft followed suit because this is our world now. Online and in Apps This is 2016 now Microsoft is still in business and they will not quit, no matter how much you wish you wish they would. Will it be right 100% of the time? Of course not but why should they give up. All of your negative press, disinterest and resentment is your problem and not theirs, so what else have you got?  Why not focus on bringing things to people wherever they are and less on trying to “stick it” to someone?

Yeah, I said it! 👀


Dear Friends,

Most recently we were told that Sofia’s Restaurant will be closing. Our last night will be Tuesday, August 13th, 2013. Sofia’s has lost their lease after 37 years and the Hotel Edison has other plans for our space. We feel fortunate that Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks have had a home for over 5 years playing music from the 1920′s and ’30s on both Monday and Tuesday evenings. We know, in this day and age that this is indeed rare.

As a band leader, I have had the opportunity to experience a truly world-class band. Playing together frequently has refined each Nighthawk and their talents. This has led to a cohesive unit beyond my imagination. We have actually won a Grammy for our work on HBOs Boardwalk Empire and have played for Queens and Presidents and dancers and all of you!

I personally want to thank the staff and every musician and most of all the audience that has filled Sofia’s these past 5 years.

We thank you for your unwavering devotion and hope to see you from the bandstand some day soon! We are ferociously looking for a new home. If you know of a restaurant that would be open to having us on a regular basis, please call me!!!

And most of all, keep supporting live music ~

Best wishes,

Vince Giordano

Ph: 718-376-3489

Below is a list of just some of the renowned guests in our audience.

George Avakian | Margot B. | William Bolcom | Mel Brooks | Carole J. Bufford | T-Bone Burnett

Rich Conaty | Didi Conn | Anton Coppola | Elvis Costello | Robert Crumb | Amber Edwards

Mercedes Ellington | Connie Evingson | Michael Feinstein | Bryan Ferry | Joe Franklin | Will Friedwald

Jason Graae | Adrienne Haan | Jeff Harnar | Celeste Holm | Dick Hyman | Bill Irwin | Joe Jackson

Robert Kimball | Steve Konow | Dave Koz | Diana Krall | Pokey Lafarge | Stewart Lerman

Joanne Lumley | Maude Maggart | Leonard Maltin | Andrea Marcovicci | Marilyn Maye

Howard McGillin | Nellie McKay | Liza Minnelli | Peter Mintun | Mick Moloney | Joan Morris

Marty Napoleon | Laura Osnes | Max Raabe | Stephen Rarlow | Leon Redbone | Jimmy Roberts

Tony Roberts | Catherine Russell | Mark Rylance| Justin Scott | Sue Scott| David Shire | Meg Steedle

Phil Schaap | Ron Swoboda | Tommy Tune | Mark Vietor | George Wein | Robert White | Bob Wilber

Terence Winter | Sol Yaged

In the year 2364, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard leads the new Enterprise on missions of discovery. First Officer William Riker, engineer Geordi La Forge, and Klingon crewmember Worf join Picard as they explore the universe and interact with alien species.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

I just sliced 381 fruits, including 18 lush mangoes on Fruit Ninja for Windows!

Fruit Ninja

10 Ways Rich People Think Differently | Elite Daily

While I find myself wary of some of these people, some of this can be of great benefit…

The Skills Needed for Survival in the 21st Century | Elite Daily

I can already see that I have a lot of work to do…

I just couldn’t say…

Lord Almighty, get the hlle away from XP already! O_O

It doesn’t like to be touched, it doesn’t move very well, also kind of has a stick somewhere and it won’t ever let that go…it is not future-friendly, sorry if I offend those still in the paleolithic era. =[

I like the new design happening at Microsoft, got the Windows phone (LOVE it), using the Windows 8 preview on my desktop PC and have been an avid fan of the Xbox for a number of years. All of this would not be possible without the ventures into Media Center and Zune… 😥

…and soon, Microsoft will be of one mind.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

The Rise of the Tide

Ah…the great thing about reviews and the updates that happen as a result. I can now post to WordPress using the app available in Windows 8 =)

…to buy one of these before the EIGHT! =s

Series 7 11.6” Slate (XE700T1A-A01US).

The Weird Story Of The Hungarian Vigilante Who Dresses Up As Batman And Patrols A Quiet Slovak Town

Is it still too early to hope that Microsoft reveals the sharing abilities to social networks or is it all tied into App Contracts?

This is a really funny story by the way… =p

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