What do you do when thoughts and things are taken from you? Being abruptly awoken is a sure way to completely lose important backups from the night previous. That is what dreams are after all, backups and reboots for your brain. So rather than go over what was before, you can only process what has come right after awakening. Such matters as what are appropriate times for getting up in relation to your day, when your schedule is open (even though you have plans to attend to). What we consider important will vary depending on your goals. It seems impertinent, but when your goals are misaligned from the rest, there tend to be schisms…if for instance, you see the importance of taking care of a local problem first and foremost but the focus from other parties is to the larger concerns, then the compromise is to attempt to divide the attention. Of course once THEIR attention is focused on the local matters, then the onus is on you for not having attended to them in the first place.

I can never win, but then my focus is not on winning. I want to learn and move up to the next stage, to evolve and be upgraded. Although, these things must happen organically for we have seen in fiction what may result when such stages are forced. Then again what must come will happen, whether good or bad we cannot stop the progress of time. Men and women will write their stories, the rest of us will make our plans, never considering that we are circumventing our own paths when we do so. We miss the details sometimes by forgetting that it’s the little things that will get you in the end. It really is important to listen and observe, we can avoid some real trouble by making these adjustments in our lives. Always be present in the moment and your future might not pass you by…it’s always refreshing to pepper life with improv. I cannot remember what I may have been dreaming, but I’m getting a feeling that cats were involved.

This is the scurf of morning, should it be meatier or perhaps less sugary..? O.o