I awake these days with the rest of the group, since they leave for work so very early. It is not as much sleep, but to do this seems worth the lack of rest. There shall be “no rest for the wicked”, as Jahrad sings, “We are the truth” It becomes vital to continue. Doing it this way, using my phone and swiping the words may be cheating me of the usefulness of this exercise, but to me I figured the words and practice were what mattered. A quiet time of reflection is still the end result. For the believer this usually requires some time with the words of their faith, that equates to time spent with the creator? Done…they are his words. Those words are considered to be living since he is eternal and the words are still available after all this time.

Write, keep going… do not let yourself catch up, just put forth the effort and view the results afterwards. For it is much more importance to push these out than to be careful and curate a lie. That’s when you will find the heart of the journey. Perhaps if I’m doing it this way I should include these 💖👀 since they can become a short 🖐. Hopefully this doesn’t take away from the benefits of this exercise. Taking this time, I if I shouldn’t just get up, but it eats at my mind, the lack of sleep 💤 destroying my sanity along with the stressful anxiety brought on by uncertainty and need. Deadlines and debts do not disappear, but death isn’t demanding.

Some would compare sleep to death, but is such times of dreaming really the same as times of endless nothing? Surely it depends on the persons views on death. I know it it’s not the end, so perhaps they are the same and we die every day. Who knows for sure, certainly not anyone still living. It is free of time and that is the only guarantee. [Insert Doctor Who reference]. My eyes ache, my body dictates mostly my need for rest, most of us choose to ignore this at the risk of our own health based on the lies of our enemies. They have not our best interest at heart. I will find the record of the last time I engaged in these exercises and share them in some fashion.

Ooh, I have a blog…sort of. 😅

Do I have any ideas for comedy and creativity? What should I consider…perhaps I should dive into the set list. There’s also the sketch pages that I have begun out of the ideas from day to day. My eyes break…time to pause. 😢