I’ve met some funny people…living in NYC, you can’t help but run into a funky bunch of bananas. Yup, good ol’ NY NY is a fruit stand on the corner of this plentiful garden of delights called the United States of America (‘Merica if you nasty). Growing up, I’ve been surrounded by humor, whether it be my immediate and extended family or my carefully selected friendships. Typically this will be born out of hardship, but some privileges do lend themselves to a distorted view.

The juxtaposition of these two elements can lead to some interesting situations. As with the subject of this book, a life spent working in industries of service and hospitality can lead to some humorous observations. Almost like that movie ‘Waiting’ where the topic lies in warning the public not to run afoul with their food handlers, lest they meet the consequences of indigestion and incontinence. Here we find just what it means to be civil in the House of Hospitality and the underlying results of offending them.

As things are associated through minimal degrees of separation, I can say I got at least 3-4 from these capably hilarious authors. Check out these pages and make your home in the Ha-Ha-Hacienda (just keep an eye out for the Joker, but he’s not in this book so no worries there). You could also just dismiss everything I’ve said and make your mistakes in life, but GET THIS BOOK anyway!