My favorite genre will always be fiction. Neil Gaiman really put it together best in his Sandman series, where the character Destruction tries to illustrate to his brother Dream that he is simply an aspect that reflects reality saying they are “two sides of the same coin.”

This goes for us all and I’m sure he really had to have gotten that revelation through other writings (I’ll be lazy and not back that up at all). Honestly, my own journey has taught me that every work, whether it be written, in images or movements and sound, is a continuing conversation through the ages.

“This is who we are, what we’ve done and we want to know where we’re going…what say you?” Times will change but the story will remain the same, but it’s simply in the telling and we must never stop telling these stories. It’s funny but would you ever dare to liken non-fiction to reality tv? O.o

In all honesty, I haven’t read this one yet, but I fully intend to with the recommendation of a few who I respect quite a bit. They are friends surely and their tastes speak for them greatly, as does their own journeys…get this book, I don’t think you’ll regret it. =)

Available on Amazon for a Hamilton! 😄💖🗽