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Saturday could have gone better for me…aside from missing the most important classes in my life for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, at least I got to visit my cousins at their awesome block party and then went to see the most excellent Don’t Think Twice movie written & directed by Mike Birbiglia (GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!)


On my way down to Landmark Sunshine Cinema @ 143 East Houston Street New York, NY, I  passed by this place that was just somebody with a couple of these 3D printers and basically made themselves a business with it! I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open on these developments for the past year and a half now, just waiting for these things to really take off into the mainstream.


Honestly, I think that time is now. I see more companies making strides with the tech and just opening new doors to what can be used and made with these materials. The more printers get manufactured, the lower the costs can get and the more people can get in on just creating new opportunities for themselves and each other…


Can you just imagine the day when we actually have those food replicators from Star Trek within our lifetime?! I know I’ve heard it said somewhere online, but c’mon that’s just freaking cool! Looks like there’s some actual bread to be made there, literally and figuratively…idk, try it out 😜 Click Here!

“Art is Communication of Change”
📧MediaCastleX, Mike E. Delta


Are we back on …?

Ive been out for quite a while. It’s mainly been a matter of inconvenience what with Word press being wishy washy with how they want to handle things on anything Windows. Anyone really, since for some reason they all wanna act like Microsoft is ruining their lives with how they run their business, which is helping people get things done… which apparently no one wants to do I guess. Everyone wants to get with the new hotness, but they want to leave Microsoft behind by only making things as if it were still the old days like they haven’t changed, BUT THEY HAVE! Apple changed the rules so Microsoft followed suit because this is our world now. Online and in Apps This is 2016 now Microsoft is still in business and they will not quit, no matter how much you wish you wish they would. Will it be right 100% of the time? Of course not but why should they give up. All of your negative press, disinterest and resentment is your problem and not theirs, so what else have you got?  Why not focus on bringing things to people wherever they are and less on trying to “stick it” to someone?

Yeah, I said it! 👀

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