They way I see it, lAppe iProducts are for the snobby, elitist Upper-class types. Mainly reserved as a status symbol of ‘I’m cooler than everyone else,’ you know, like the French! (I kid, se relaxer…Je t’aime). Windows is for the average, everyday Joe’s of what would have been considered the middle-class in the past. All-inclusive, across the board usability with some missteps, but that’s okay in this can-do, pick yourself back up America! Of course, also for the down-to-earth money types and even those looking to improve their standard of living…for everyone. Finally, the geGool ‘Borg phones would be for the poor, no-income, lower-class types…because they give that Garbage away for free and any ‘rando’ can happen upon it to have their way with them. Plus, their “resistance is futile”-like assimilation-of-the-world tactics will just about try to consume anything and everything it can RUN AND HIDE!!! =p