So now that I have one and a half computers of my own to use, with Windows 7 and my very own Windows Phone 7, I am putting the blog space in use. I never had a real strong desire to “blog” as such, but I did write a bit here and there when I used MySpace in the beginning. I really just think Microsoft’s attempts to unite various user experiences to one universal platform of sorts. Reading the strings out there in web-land, I get the feeling not everybody digs it or they just don’t even want to give people the benefit of any doubt. To me that’s just plain sad…and not for Microsoft but for the nay-sayers! I think there’s room enough out in the spaces for different companies to offer their products and for any audience to buy at their leisure without critics and so-called reporters, and especially those market anal-ysts, hassling things into oblivion! It’s the same thing with TV and Movies, you have to be locked into the schedules and box offices to enjoy them or watch out for cancellation/poor performance…

Don’t these people realize they’re playing by an outdated and rigged system?! I wish I lived in a world where things were available regardless of sales and profits. I could watch The Tick live action series and really enjoy Patrick Warburton and Nestor Carbonell dazzle the screen as comic heroes! =D

Well, I’ve said enough…time for work!
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