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Disappearing Dreams


What do you do when thoughts and things are taken from you? Being abruptly awoken is a sure way to completely lose important backups from the night previous. That is what dreams are after all, backups and reboots for your brain. So rather than go over what was before, you can only process what has come right after awakening. Such matters as what are appropriate times for getting up in relation to your day, when your schedule is open (even though you have plans to attend to). What we consider important will vary depending on your goals. It seems impertinent, but when your goals are misaligned from the rest, there tend to be schisms…if for instance, you see the importance of taking care of a local problem first and foremost but the focus from other parties is to the larger concerns, then the compromise is to attempt to divide the attention. Of course once THEIR attention is focused on the local matters, then the onus is on you for not having attended to them in the first place.

I can never win, but then my focus is not on winning. I want to learn and move up to the next stage, to evolve and be upgraded. Although, these things must happen organically for we have seen in fiction what may result when such stages are forced. Then again what must come will happen, whether good or bad we cannot stop the progress of time. Men and women will write their stories, the rest of us will make our plans, never considering that we are circumventing our own paths when we do so. We miss the details sometimes by forgetting that it’s the little things that will get you in the end. It really is important to listen and observe, we can avoid some real trouble by making these adjustments in our lives. Always be present in the moment and your future might not pass you by…it’s always refreshing to pepper life with improv. I cannot remember what I may have been dreaming, but I’m getting a feeling that cats were involved.

This is the scurf of morning, should it be meatier or perhaps less sugary..? O.o


You guys, do me a favor and buy this album, it’s gotta mean something…has to be a sign

When the Sun Comes Out – Amy Banks

I awake these days with the rest of the group, since they leave for work so very early. It is not as much sleep, but to do this seems worth the lack of rest. There shall be “no rest for the wicked”, as Jahrad sings, “We are the truth” It becomes vital to continue. Doing it this way, using my phone and swiping the words may be cheating me of the usefulness of this exercise, but to me I figured the words and practice were what mattered. A quiet time of reflection is still the end result. For the believer this usually requires some time with the words of their faith, that equates to time spent with the creator? Done…they are his words. Those words are considered to be living since he is eternal and the words are still available after all this time.

Write, keep going… do not let yourself catch up, just put forth the effort and view the results afterwards. For it is much more importance to push these out than to be careful and curate a lie. That’s when you will find the heart of the journey. Perhaps if I’m doing it this way I should include these 💖👀 since they can become a short 🖐. Hopefully this doesn’t take away from the benefits of this exercise. Taking this time, I if I shouldn’t just get up, but it eats at my mind, the lack of sleep 💤 destroying my sanity along with the stressful anxiety brought on by uncertainty and need. Deadlines and debts do not disappear, but death isn’t demanding.

Some would compare sleep to death, but is such times of dreaming really the same as times of endless nothing? Surely it depends on the persons views on death. I know it it’s not the end, so perhaps they are the same and we die every day. Who knows for sure, certainly not anyone still living. It is free of time and that is the only guarantee. [Insert Doctor Who reference]. My eyes ache, my body dictates mostly my need for rest, most of us choose to ignore this at the risk of our own health based on the lies of our enemies. They have not our best interest at heart. I will find the record of the last time I engaged in these exercises and share them in some fashion.

Ooh, I have a blog…sort of. 😅

Do I have any ideas for comedy and creativity? What should I consider…perhaps I should dive into the set list. There’s also the sketch pages that I have begun out of the ideas from day to day. My eyes break…time to pause. 😢

I’ve met some funny people…living in NYC, you can’t help but run into a funky bunch of bananas. Yup, good ol’ NY NY is a fruit stand on the corner of this plentiful garden of delights called the United States of America (‘Merica if you nasty). Growing up, I’ve been surrounded by humor, whether it be my immediate and extended family or my carefully selected friendships. Typically this will be born out of hardship, but some privileges do lend themselves to a distorted view.

The juxtaposition of these two elements can lead to some interesting situations. As with the subject of this book, a life spent working in industries of service and hospitality can lead to some humorous observations. Almost like that movie ‘Waiting’ where the topic lies in warning the public not to run afoul with their food handlers, lest they meet the consequences of indigestion and incontinence. Here we find just what it means to be civil in the House of Hospitality and the underlying results of offending them.

As things are associated through minimal degrees of separation, I can say I got at least 3-4 from these capably hilarious authors. Check out these pages and make your home in the Ha-Ha-Hacienda (just keep an eye out for the Joker, but he’s not in this book so no worries there). You could also just dismiss everything I’ve said and make your mistakes in life, but GET THIS BOOK anyway!

My favorite genre will always be fiction. Neil Gaiman really put it together best in his Sandman series, where the character Destruction tries to illustrate to his brother Dream that he is simply an aspect that reflects reality saying they are “two sides of the same coin.”

This goes for us all and I’m sure he really had to have gotten that revelation through other writings (I’ll be lazy and not back that up at all). Honestly, my own journey has taught me that every work, whether it be written, in images or movements and sound, is a continuing conversation through the ages.

“This is who we are, what we’ve done and we want to know where we’re going…what say you?” Times will change but the story will remain the same, but it’s simply in the telling and we must never stop telling these stories. It’s funny but would you ever dare to liken non-fiction to reality tv? O.o

In all honesty, I haven’t read this one yet, but I fully intend to with the recommendation of a few who I respect quite a bit. They are friends surely and their tastes speak for them greatly, as does their own journeys…get this book, I don’t think you’ll regret it. =)

Available on Amazon for a Hamilton! 😄💖🗽

Apparently Amazon has quite the sale going on for Halo 5: Guardians, if you haven’t picked it up yet, this may have been what you’re waiting for…

This one went from $100.00 down to $28.00!!! 😄
Halo 5: Guardians - Limited Edition (Physical Disc) - Xbox One

This one is originally $250.00 but now you can get it for the price of the game at retail...that's a whole lot extra for nothing! 😵
Halo 5: Guardians - Limited Collector's Edition - Xbox One [Digital game download code only/No disc included]

That’s the one with that awesome statue of both stars of this epic title, don’t miss out and get them now! 😜

May the Force be on Sale!

So the Microsoft store has some deals going on and one of them is that really cool laptop from HP that is awesomely designed with Star Wars graphics. Since it’s coming directly from Microsoft, it won’t have any weird, extra software installed except for the essentials…a lean mean high speed laptop, with the FORCE!

As usual, if you’re student or a teacher you can get 10% off even that…so no sales tax hit 😜

HP Special Edition Star Wars 15-an097nr Signature Edition Laptop – USD 749.00

The HP Special Edition Star Wars 15-an097nr Signature Edition Laptop features dark side graphics and design, and includes bonus and rare Star Wars content.

  • 15.6-inch Full HD touchscreen
  • Intel Core i5-6200U
  • 8GB memory/1TB HDD
  • NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphics
  • Includes bonus Star Wars content

I’m sorry…what? If there was ever a time to catch up on this epic saga, it would be now. Now that 4K TV is a big deal and more people are getting them, it’s great that Microsoft is ramping up their stuff to catch up. Sure, fine…yes. Sony got it in spades when it comes to popularity, the press and the sales. Whatever, man. How can you go wrong here? I’ve been on Xbox since 2008 and I never regret it. What was it that sold me? HALO.

It has been a roller coaster ride of a series for me, ignoring the recent criticisms of their characterizations of late (it’s easy to oversimplify and dismiss the story for current sensational trends) and up to now they continue to push the bar for storytelling in a series that pretty much amounts to playing soldiers vs. aliens in a shoot ’em up (please don’t read that as an oversimplification and dismissal for current sensational trends). 😜

The fact that their on their seventh iteration of the Xbox (be realistic, actual generation and names don’t matter), they have got a solid bundle here for a great price. The console w/ 1TB storage (you can expand this w/ external storage up to 4TB/2x2TB), the latest entry in the game series Halo 5: Guardians and the first 4 games remastered with all the multiplayer included!

Get it here:

Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle (1TB) – USD 349.00

The Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle (1TB) includes the Xbox One S 1TB Console, Halo 5: Guardians, and a full game download of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

First, check out this awesome article at Windows Central

You can now buy HTC’s Vive from the Microsoft Store!

By Russell Holly

From <>


Welcome Virtual to the world of Reality! Kudos to HTC on getting this stuff to the world, hopefully without ritual sacrifice…still, these things are never cheap. If you do happen to be in the market for this kind of thing though, you would not be wrong to get it here.

Trust me, I go to this place a lot and have never had a reason to regret it. Anything I get here is top notch and if I ever have the rare problem, I can always go back and get help straight away. They do things the right way, by being cool and not so corporate.

So, if you think you’ve got the bones for VR, why not get this? Click to Buy the HTC VIVE online

Saturday could have gone better for me…aside from missing the most important classes in my life for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, at least I got to visit my cousins at their awesome block party and then went to see the most excellent Don’t Think Twice movie written & directed by Mike Birbiglia (GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!)


On my way down to Landmark Sunshine Cinema @ 143 East Houston Street New York, NY, I  passed by this place that was just somebody with a couple of these 3D printers and basically made themselves a business with it! I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open on these developments for the past year and a half now, just waiting for these things to really take off into the mainstream.


Honestly, I think that time is now. I see more companies making strides with the tech and just opening new doors to what can be used and made with these materials. The more printers get manufactured, the lower the costs can get and the more people can get in on just creating new opportunities for themselves and each other…


Can you just imagine the day when we actually have those food replicators from Star Trek within our lifetime?! I know I’ve heard it said somewhere online, but c’mon that’s just freaking cool! Looks like there’s some actual bread to be made there, literally and figuratively…idk, try it out 😜 Click Here!

“Art is Communication of Change”
📧MediaCastleX, Mike E. Delta

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